Kriya Yoga Home Study

This step is designed to help you learn the importance and practice of the Guru – Discipleship relationship on the Path of Kriya Yoga.

Attunement with Paramhansa Yogananda and Ananda Kriya Yoga Lineage will help you know whether you would like to become a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda.

Course On Discipleship

This course is based on ‘A Handbook on Discipleship’ written by Swami Kriyananda. Stories of his personal experiences with Paramhansa Yogananda to help you prepare for an at-home initiation into discipleship to Yogananda and to the line of Masters of Self-Realization, if you feel ready for this level of commitment.


The mentor and Kriyacharya will give the Discipleship vow.

Course Outline

Each lesson contains a mix of reading material, instructive videos, meditation routines, audios, and transcripts. Audio explanations of discipleship by Swami Kriyananda as well as other supplementary videos are provided in this Course to deepen your understanding.


1: Why do I need a Guru
2: The Disciple’s part
3: Attunement with the Guru
4: Life with a Master
5: Paramhansa Yogananda: Incarnation of Divine Love
6: The Guru as a Divine Friend
7: A New Dispensation – Discipleship Inititaion: Is it right for you?


Course Access

You’ll have access to the course for 9 weeks.

Over the period of 9 weeks, you’ll have 7 live webinars, which will cover the 7 Lessons with the mentor. During the live webinar, you’ll get to ask questions to your mentor. All webinars will be recorded and made available later.

Course Takeaways

How to deepen your spiritual life by following the guidance of a God-Realized Master

• You will see that your spiritual potential is that of a saint, you but only need to remember your divinity

How to call on the blessings of the Master so that you, too, may realize your highest potential

• In becoming a disciple, you will be joining thousands of other disciples worldwide who are part of Ananda

Important Note:
To apply for this course, you should have completed Step – 1 “Lessons in Meditation” and Step – 2 “The Art and Science of Raja Yoga”.