The Path of Kriya Yoga


Paramhansa Yogananda wrote, “Meditation is the highest form of activity a person can perform.” It is one of the most natural and rewarding of all human activities. It gives direct, intuitive experience of higher consciousness, and is the cornerstone of deep spirituality.

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The Art and Science of Raja Yoga

The Art and Science of Raja Yoga contains fourteen lessons in which the original yoga science emerges in all of its glory – a proven system for realizing one’s spiritual destiny. This is the most comprehensive course on yoga and meditation offered today.

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Course on Discipleship

In this Course you will learn about Guru-Disciple relationship. This Course will explain the need for Guru in journey of achieving self-realization. The course paves the way towards understanding how attunement to a Guru helps one spiritually. Guidance is given towards identifying one’s own Guru.

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Preparation for Kriya Yoga

In this Course you will learn 3 more techniques that are necessary for being able to practice Kriya Yoga properly. We will also review the techniques you have learned previously, and make new integrated meditation routine for follow.

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