Essence of the Art and Science of Raja Yoga





1: The History and Paths of Yoga

2: Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga

3: Yamas and Niyamas

4: Life is a Battlefield

5: Affirmations

6: Energy and Energization

7: Magnetism

8: Guru

9: The Anatomy of Yoga

10: The Yogic Scheme of Life

Course Takeaways

• Affirmations to change habits and sub-conscious pattern
• Importance of diet in the yogic scheme of life
• What is proper breathing and some breathing exercises
• Some natural healing remedies for lifestyle habits
• Patanjali’s Yoga sutras for living life on higher principles
• The essence of the spiritual path in different aspects of living

Your Mentors for this course:

Kavita Parshotam

A serious meditator for more than twenty years, Kavita left her promising business career to devote herself full time to sharing the teachings of Self-realisation. She is the founder of the Narrows Retreat, New Zealand’s first Ananda centre, where she teaches yoga, meditation, and other classes on the philosophy and practice of the journey towards Self-realisation.

She can be contacted at


For registration and payment information, contact Kavita

WhatsApp: +64-7-856 5052 / 021 213 8215


Linda Moyle

Linda became a Kriya Yogi after attending meditation classes facilitated by Kavita Parshotam at the Narrows Retreat in Hamilton, NZ and being inspired by the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. She graduated from the Ananda Meditation Teacher Training School in 2018. Recently retired from the kitchen design industry, she is now delighted to share the tremendous benefits that our online course and a personal meditation practice can offer and looks forward to assisting you on your journey.