Nayaswami Asha in South Africa

Hope for a Better World with Asha Nayaswami

(a long-term disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda)

Sunday 16th April 2023 – Sunday 30th April 2023 in South Africa

Get ready for a transformative two weeks with Asha Nayaswami

  • Experience the joy of nourishing your body, mind, and soul with inspirational talks, uplifting music and meditation.
  • Connect with like-minded people, deepen your spiritual practice, or simply relax and recharge yourself.
  • Don’t miss this unique opportunity right here in your own community.

Meet Asha Nayaswami, a spiritual teacher and author with a global impact

  • Asha is a founding member of the Ananda community, a worldwide movement of spiritual seekers.
  • She has taught in many countries and is widely respected for her clarity and compassion.
  • She will be joined by musician and yogi Dambara Begley for a special visit this May.
  • Join us for this rare opportunity to learn from Asha and connect with others on the same path.

Asha’s video talks on YouTube and audio recordings are a spiritual lifeline for people of all faiths around the world. Thousands of students have been immeasurably helped by her unusual insight and clarity.

This is a rare opportunity to be in the presence of Asha Nayaswami so don’t miss it.



Schedule of Events 

Sunday 16th April 5 PM – 7PM

How to find your Spiritual Path

at Royal Academy of Dance, Bramley, Johannesburg, South Africa

For more information call: Lesley +27 72 565 5651

Sunday 23rd April 3 PM – 5 PM

Kriya Yoga to Achieve Your Highest Potential

at Shalligram Hall, Durban, South Africa

For more information call: Jacques +27 78 197 5498 or Davendren +27 81 571 8654

Sunday 23rd April 3 PM – 5 PM

How to Achieve Inner Transformation

at Temple in Samaj Center, Cape Town, South Africa

For more information call: Ramesh +27 84 262 0009

We offer online classes on Meditation and Kriya Yoga. Please visit our Online Learn to Meditation page to know more.