This is a Live Meditation Class Series in which you’ll learn Paramhansa Yogananda’s meditation techniques as well as Energization Exercises. Along with this, you’ll also learn different aspects of meditation to deepen your own practice. The classes will be hosted by long time meditation practitioners and you’ll receive personalized support from them.


We share teachings of  Paramhansa Yogananda – author of spiritual classic Autobiography Of A Yogi.

About Ananda Sangha

Ananda is a worldwide spiritual movement started by Paramhansa Yogananda’s direct disciple Swami Kriyananda in 1969. Hundreds of spiritual seekers all across the globe learn meditation and kriya yoga from different Ananda centers, groups and online platforms every year.

Who can register?

Whether you’re a beginner or practicing meditation already, this class will help you practice meditation in a profound way. Anyone who’s interested in experiencing meditation can register for this class.

Live meditation class 1

18 September, 2022, 11am - 1pm

What you’ll learn in Live Class 1:

  • What Is Meditation

  • Importance of Posture, Position Of The Eyes

  • Importance of Relaxation – Even Count Breathing, Super Conscious Living Exercises

  • Hong-Sau Technique Of Meditation

  • Short Guided Meditation

  • Expansion – 8 Aspects Of God

  • Guided Meditation

  • Q&As

  • Closing/Next Steps

*Bonus: 2 FREE LIVE GUIDED MEDITATIONS after successful completion of Live Class 1 on Zoom.

Live meditation class 2

9 October, 2022, 11am - 1pm

What you’ll learn in Live Class 2:

  • Guided Meditation – Hong-Sau Technique
  • Short recap of live class 1
  • Principles: Expansion, Interiorization, Inner Communion
  • Q&As
  • Energization Exercises: Principles and Practice
  • Importance of Prayer, Chanting and Visualization
  • Guided Meditation
  • Bringing meditation into daily life
  • Q&As
  • Closing/Next Step


Study Material: You’ll be given all required study materials (downloadable) for both the live classes.

Rs. 500 registration fee for both the live classes.

Class Mentor

Dr. Cheena Chawla

Dr. Cheena Chawla

Dr. Cheena is PhD in Biotechnology, worked as a scientist in CSIR. She has been practising meditation since last 12 years. She's one of the core mentors of Ananda Kriya Yoga Home Study platform. She has taught meditation to hundreds of students since 2018.

Special guest mentor

Brahmachari Jemal

Brahmachari Jemal

Brahmachari Jemal is a monk and has been practicing meditation for the last 20 years. He is also the director of “Ananda Kriya Yoga Home Study” platform. His enriched experience of spiritual practices and mentoring has helped hundreds of spiritual seekers all around the globe.

What students say...


Will there be recording available after the classes?

We recommend you register for these classes if you can attend them live. You’ll benefit more in attending the class with the mentor. Recording/replay link will be provided only in case of exception.

How to join the online class?

As soon as you register for the class, you’ll receive an email and what’s app message with the link. Click the link 10 minutes before the scheduled class.

Why pay for the class, there are so many free resources available these days.

After registering for these classes, you’ll be added into a private whatsapp group to help you stay connected with your mentor and classmates. You will be supported throughout the learning process. The meditation mentors at Ananda Sangha are long time meditation practitioners, who can guide you further with Paramhansa Yogananda’s teachings.

Important Note: You need a good wifi/internet connection to join the class. This class will be taught in English.

Rs.500 registration fee for both the classes.