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Autobiography of a Yogi By Paramhansa Yogananda

The Book That Sparked a Spiritual Revolution Original edition 1946

A first-hand account of the life experiences of Paramhansa Yogananda, a spiritual master, this book has sold millions of copies and is beloved around the world by those interested in yoga and spirituality.

Richard SalvaAuthor of The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln and Walking with William of Normandy: A Paramhansa Yogananda Pilgrimage Guide
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"Five Stars' would be a poor symbol to represent Yogananda's opus. This is a great book—comparable to any of the world's scriptures in its ability to transform the reader's consciousness. Imagine Christ, Buddha, or Krishna telling their life story in their own words. That's what you get when you read Autobiography of a Yogi. With humor, wisdom, and heart, Yogananda relates the extraordinary events of his life. And yet, on a deeper level, those events serve as mere instruments for conveying sublime truths—truths expressed in such clear language that everyone can grasp them. I thank Crystal Clarity Publishers for making available the original version of this great work, and I give it my highest recommendation. If you are interested in spirituality, buy it now."

The New Path
By Swami Kriyananda

Winner of the Eric Hoffer Award for "Best Self-Help/Spiritual Book of 2010"
Winner of USA Book News "Best Spirituality Book of 2010"

The New Path tells the story of Swami Kriyananda’s youthful quest to find Truth and his subsequent discipleship of yoga master Paramhansa Yogananda. Swami Kriyananda remembers Yogananda’s words with perfect clarity and recreates the vibrancy of his presence. The book provides a marvellous sequel to Paramhansa Yogananda’s own Autobiography of a Yogi, helping you to gain a more profound understanding of this great world teacher. Through many stories of life with Yogananda and through Swami Kriyananda’s invaluable insights, you’ll discover the inner path that leads to soul-freedom and lasting happiness.

Dr. Vasant Lad, BAM&S, MAScAuthor of The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies and the "Textbook of Ayurveda" series
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"By following the disciplines in this book, we can experience the realization that we are not our mind, thoughts or feelings but are actually the pure essence of God. . . . Swami Kriyananda's great work on his life with Paramhansa Yogananda will inspire each person on the journey from avidhya [ignorance] to vidhya [spiritual knowledge]."
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Ananda Music

“Music is so much more than entertainment. It doesn’t merely reflect a state of consciousness:
It also generates it.”

Ananda Music began in 1964 when Swami Kriyananda was inspired to introduce a new kind of music to the world: music that expresses spiritual aspiration and a desire for a more meaningful way of life. This music is, as its purpose suggests, quite simple, yet beautiful.

Ananda Music has been performed in many countries and has inspired many thousands of people with a new and more uplifted view of life itself. In some ways, it transcends even the best classical music of our culture, for it offers transcendent meaning, instead of only describing a graceful way of life.

At first, Swami Kriyananda wrote only songs with lyrics. Then he realized that words are not needed to express deep meaning. Thus, he has written instrumental works also: a piano sonata; a string quartet; and other, similar works.

It’s generally understood that music can have a powerful effect on mood and energy. It’s less well known that positive and uplifting music can affect consciousness itself in positive and uplifting ways. 

Ananda Music singers and musicians are dedicated to raising awareness–not only of the general need for positive and uplifting music in our troubled world–but of a specific body of music that was composed for the exact purpose of raising energy, uplifting consciousness, and helping people. That music is Ananda Music.


I Have Been Roaming

Love Is A Magician


A New Tomorrow

What Is This Life


Life Is A Dream

Emerald Isle


The Hill That Was Tara

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