This course is step 2 on the path to learning Kriya Yoga. To learn more about the 4 steps required in order to be initiated into Kriya Yoga click here.

The Art and Science of Raja Yoga contains fourteen steps in which the original yoga science emerges in all of its glory – a proven system for realizing one’s spiritual destiny. This comprehensive course on yoga and meditation offered today gives the yoga student a profound and intimate understanding of how to apply these age-old teachings on a practical, as well as spiritual, day-to-day level in this modern age.

You will be able to receive guidance on deepening your meditation based on techniques received in Lessons in Meditation . You will also receive mentoring from experienced mentors.

You’ll Receive:

  • 10 sections designed to help you understand the philosophy behind the Science of Raja Yoga and also help towards deepening your ongoing meditation practice.
  • 7 Live webinars from the instructor.
  • Downloadable resources (pdf format), audio learning tracks (mp3 format) and also videos from experienced acharyas.
  • Greater interaction via forums.
  • Regular guidance from the mentor.

Course Outline:

Section 1: The History and Paths of Yoga
Section 2: Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga
Section 3: Yamas and Niyamas
Section 4: Life is a Battlefield
Section 5: Affirmations
Section 6: Energy and Energization
Section 7: Magnetism
Section 8: Guru
Section 9: The Anatomy of Yoga
Section 10: The Yogic Scheme of Life


The course lasts for a duration of 9 weeks and involves 7 live webinars. The 7 webinars cover the 10 sections.


You should have completed the Lessons in Meditation course which teaches the Hong-Sau technique of meditation and the Energization exercises.

How Do I Register?

You will be notified of the course start date by your mentor of Lessons in Meditation. You will be enrolled in the course after the payment of course fee.

If you have satisfied the prerequisite by some other channel, let us know. In order to register for this course contact us at