Vibha Agrawal

Vibha Agrawal ran American software multinationals business in India. She played a key role in establishing companies like Digital, AT&T, NCR, CA Technologies in India. She is a software engineer.

She has been a follower of Paramhansa Yogananda since 2003. She came to Ananda Sangha in 2004 and became a Kriyaban in 2006. She has been mentoring students on the path of Kriya Yoga. 

She also helps with classes at the various centres of Ananda Sangha. Presently she is actively associated with mentoring students on the Kriya Home Study platform on all levels. She also works with the NGOs engaged with women and child welfare.

Dr. Cheena Chawla

Dr. P. Cheena Chawla is a Kriyaban, working actively at Ananda, Noida centre. As the practice of Kriya yoga transformed her life in many ways, she is now dedicated to sharing the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. She is also a certified Ananda yoga teacher.

On the professional front, she is a Ph.D. in Biotechnology and ex-scientist, CSIR, currently working on community health and educational programs. As a science communicator, she has authored seven popular science books and won two national awards.

Sushmita Mukherjee

Sushmita joined Ananda in 2014. She is a Kriyaban and is always looking forward to sharing the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda with interested truth seekers. She is actively involved in serving this work and contributes in various ways.

She is a certified Ananda Healing Teacher and a part of the Healing group in India. Her innermost joy is to see people experiencing profound healing at physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels through powerful healing techniques of Paramhansa Yogananda. Outside of Ananda, she is a working professional.

Meenakshi Thakar

Meenakshi  has been a kriyaban for over a decade.  She has been joyfully involved in teaching meditation and sharing master at Ananda Sangha centre. She is also a certified healing and yoga teacher, in this path.

She is a doctor by profession , running a busy practice in Delhi. Serving Yogananda and this line of Gurus through mentorship and classes is very close to her heart.

Nayaswami Promilla

Promilla Kulkarni is a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda for more than ten years . She came to Ananda Sangha in 2007 and has been an active member since then .

She is a Kriyaban and enjoys sharing her Master’s teachings, whether online or in person . She is also a certified Ananda Healing teacher and is a part of the Healing group in India.

Sumitra Ramji

Sumitra is a devotee of Paramhansa Yogananda and has been associated with Ananda Sangha Delhi since 2011. After two & a half decades as a Dental Surgeon, she felt guided to train as a counselor in 2004. Since then she has been associated with schools as a counselor.

The best part of her association with Paramhansa Yogananda’s teachings is that she is able to share many aspects of it with the students at her school. Sumitra is also a certified Yoga Teacher. She shares these learnings through regular classes, workshops & retreats. She is also a part of the Healing Prayer Group of Ananda Sangha after undergoing the Healing Teacher Training program.

Tripti Verma

Tripti has been with Ananda Sangha since 2007, when she became a kriyaban. She is enthusiastic about sharing and imparting the teachings of her Guru, Paramhansa Yogananda.

She serves in the Ananda Healing Sangha, and is part of the prayer circle . She is a certified Ananda Yoga teacher.

Vinieta Kashyapp

Vinieta Kashyapp is a Kriyaban who got associated with Ananda in 2014. She shares that since then, she cannot imagine a life without Ananda. An electrical engineer from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh, India and an MBA from University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, she is presently working in an IT division of an Oil sector Consultancy.

She is an ardent devotee of Paramhansa Yogananda who feels that though she missed meeting the physical form of Swami Kriyananda, she meets him daily through his books, chants and talks. She is part of the healing group and a meditation teacher who has put in a lot of energy into aligning her life with the principles of her Guru.

Gordana Sarson

Gordana Sarson has been disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda more than 25 years. She is delighted to serve Master sharing his teachings to thristy devotees, either in direct contact , or online. As Ananda certified teacher she teaches also Ananda hatha yoga.

She was the founder of the first Kriya Yoga Center in Belgrade, Serbia – Ananda Belgrade – and was its leader during 1998-2007. She is also an Ananda minister

Nayaswami Jaya

Nayaswami Jaya Helin, born in Los Angeles, became a student of Swami Kriyananda soon after graduating from the University of California, Berkeley in 1968. Upon learning of Swamiji’s interest in spiritual communities, “Jayaji” joined him as a founding member of Ananda Village, now one of the most successful such communities in the world. There he served as Village planner, property manager, and resident acharya for many years with his wife Nayaswami Sadhana Devi. They shifted to New England in 2002 to guide Ananda’s work on the East Coast of the United States and, at Swami Kriyananda’s request, they shifted again to India in 2006, serving first in Gurgaon and then in Pune.

Nayaswami Jaya has been authorized by Swami Kriyananda to give initiation into the advanced meditation technique Kriya Yoga and he travels widely as an Ananda “Kriyacharya,” sharing the teachings and techniques of Paramhansa Yogananda with audiences throughout India, America and elsewhere.

Nayaswami Dhyana

Nayaswami Dhyana, is co- spiritual director of Ananda Sangha. She started to study the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda in 1978 and met Swami Kriyananda in 1980. She has shared the teachings of Yogananda in the US, Europe, Africa, Australia and India and helped in the founding of several of Ananda communities and centers.

She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of California in Berkeley, California and worked in social service before moving to Ananda Village in California in 1980. One of her earlier jobs was Director of Big Sisters of America.

She’s been authorized by Swami Kriyananda to give initiation into the advanced meditation technique Kriya Yoga. She teaches locally and travels around India offering training in meditation and Raja Yoga.

Nayaswami Devarshi

A long-time Ananda minister and Kriyacharya (authorized Kriya Yoga teacher), Devarshi is the director of Ananda India’s Kriya Yoga Sangha and also head of the Ananda India Monastery.

Devarshi speaks from profound understanding and application of the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda over a lifetime.

Brahmachari Aditya

Aditya Kumar Gait is a Brahmachari with Ananda Sangha and a Medical Practitioner, whose chief interests lie in sharing the teachings and benefits of yoga as a healthy and successful way of life. Aditya came to Ananda Sangha in 2008 and has since then actively helped with the Pune community operations. He is also a Trustee with Ananda Sangha. He leads the Ananda Pune City Center operations as its spiritual director.

Apart from full time activities within the sangha, Aditya conducts yoga, meditation, health workshops in colleges, companies and institutions. Dr. Aditya has run a charitable rural clinic, conducted free medical camps in villages, and worked in the surgical and medical emergency departments, over the last few years.