This course is step three on the path to learning Kriya Yoga. To learn more about the 4 steps required in order to be initiated into Kriya click here .

In this Course you will learn about the Guru Disciple relationship. This Course will explain the need for a proper teacher in the big endeavour of achieving self-realization. We will discuss how to identify a true guru. We will also discuss the importance of the commitment of discipleship, and what the ramifications of this commitment are. At the end of this Course a vow of commitment and discipleship to Parmahansa Yogananda is offered to the student if he feels ready for it.


Most students who take this class have already passed Steps 1 and 2 which are the Lessons in Meditation and The Art and Science of Raja Yoga respectively. Students who haven’t passed steps 1 and 2 are occasionally allowed into this 3rd step. Please contact us for more information.

The topics covered are:

  • Why do I need a Guru
  • The Disciple’s part
  • Attunement with the Guru
  • Life with a Master
  • Paramhansa Yogananda: Incarnation of Divine Love
  • The Guru as a Divine Friend
  • A New Dispensation – Discipleship Initiation: Is it Right for You?

An instructor and an Acharya will give the Discpleship vow.

There are 7 live webinars in this series.

What will I be required to do?

  • You will receive weekly reading assignments as PDFs from the book A Handbook on Discipleship.
  • You will receive weekly quizzes that will be graded by teacher.
  • You will need to complete the reading assignments, give the quizzes, and attend the webinars.
  • You will get opportunity to ask questions via forums or personal guidance via email.
  • Audio explanations of discipleship by Swami Kriyananda as well as other supplementary videos are provided in this Course to deepen your understanding.

How do I register?

To be able to register you need to enroll for the course by clicking below button.

The course cost is R 550

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